Are your pool latches & hinges compliant?

Yes, our pool gate hardware is tested to and complies with the Australian Standards. Contact us on 03 5971 0888 or at [email protected] for a copy of our Product Technical Statement.

How can we get our Gravity Latch re-keyed to our house key?

You will need to take the latch to a locksmith prior to installing or arrange for a service call from a locksmith.

Can you supply replacement keys?

In most circumstances, we can supply replacement keys. We will need to know when the latch was produced (by checking the production date on the back of the latch). If this is not possible, an approximate purchase date should be enough. However the only product we can not supply a replacement key for are any Viper latches that are ‘ Individually Keyed’. If you have lost the key for one of these, we can supply a replacement barrel & 2 keys.

Can I use lubricant on Safetech hinges & latches?

Petroleum-based lubricants, such as WD40, cannot be used on the polymer components of our hardware as it can cause deterioration of the polymer over time. Please contact us if our products are binding/not operating smoothly.

We have be advised that our pool gate latch is subject to a voluntary recall. Where can we get a replacement?

Back in Jan 2018, Safetech identified an intermittent fault with the locking mechanism of our magnetic top pull latches. As a company, we hold our safety responsibilities very seriously and felt if there was any risk at all it needed to be rectified and we announced a voluntary recall of all affected products. Please contact Safetech directly at 03 5971 0888 or [email protected] to register and they will arrange a replacement where required.

How can I adjust the tension of my hinges?

If you have purchased our adjustable tension hinges you simply use the allen key tool supplied with the hinges. You may have to remove the rubber protection cap first, this will pull straight out. To increase the tension use the hexagonal end of allen key turning CLOCKWISE. From the neutral position, you can increase the hinge tension 4 times. Each increase will be felt and you will also hear a pronounced click.

NOTE: All Safetech adjustable tension hinges are ONLY designed to turn clockwise and each hinge can be set to different tension levels. To return back to the neutral position, simply insert the other end of the allen key into the centre of the same hexagonal slot of the hinge and press down. If you have misplaced your adjustment tool, we can supply a replacement.

If you have purchased a fixed tension hinge these will need to be replaced, it is a fixed spring that cannot be adjusted.

We have been advised that we require a 'hinge safety cone' as our gate is not pool compliant?

All of the Safetech Hardware retailed packaged adjustable tensioned pool gate hinges are supplied with 1 safety cone/cap per pair.

NOTE: only applies to the adjustable tension hinges as the fixed spring, pool gate hinges do not require them. If you require a replacement cap please contact us.

Is the closing & holding weights quoted on your hinges for one hinge or a pair?

The holding & closing weights quoted are for a pair of hinges.

Should I support the gate weight while installing the hinges?

The gate needs to be supported whilst attaching the hinges to the post. They are not designed to carry the weight of the gate until both hinges are attached.

Can the hinges be installed on a wall?

No, as they can only open 90 degrees.

Is the holding weight the same as the closing weight?

No, the closing weight is the maximum weight the gate can be for the spring to self-close the gate. The holding capacity is the weight of the gate that is not using any force from the spring to close it.

How do I know I have aligned the striker of my Top Pull Magnetic Latch correctly?

The body of the top pull latch has markers to help you to align the striker with the latch body correctly. Please ensure the marker on the latch body aligns with the marker on the striker bracket to ensure the magnet is in the ideal position. Please remember to test your gate after installation to ensure it is locking in place securely.

The key in our Viper gravity latch is stuck or not operating correctly?

There are a couple of reasons why this may happen, and both are down to incorrect installation of your latch. If you are experiencing this, please refer to our installation instructions or Safetech technical support for assistance.